Did You Grow Up With A Narcissistic Parent?

Do you ever feel:

  • Emotionally disconnected?
  • Self-absorbed?
  • Unable to relate comfortably with your own family?
  • Like you need to prepare yourself before speaking to your parents, to put the “real you” on a shelf?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” you may have had a parent with narcissism.  And you may be living with narcissistic injury today.

Narcissism is not a “yes/no” diagnosis.  It’s a way of being.  It’s a tendency to NOT see others in their own right.  And, as a parent, it’s a tendency to only give what you want to give, and not “see” what the child needs.
As much as a parent acts narcissistically, that’s how much narcissistic injury will show up in the adult life of that child.

Was your parent narcissitic with you? How much?
Take the survey and you can begin to judge for yourself.

Narcissism is when someone feels the world revolves around them.  But narcissism is a spectrum-disorder which means your parent may have a few narcissistic traits that show up sometimes, or a full-blown personality disorder which defines their relationship with you entirely.   If you were raised by a narcissist, then you may be hard on yourself, self-sabotage, or often feel conflicted inside.  If one of your parents was narcissistic, then when you realize what’s been going on, everything begins to make sense, and you can heal and move on!   The first step is right here!  I will be getting back to you with follow-up from your quiz. 

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